I’m a student of English Literature in her second year of university. The pressure is on to find internships and work experience before being flung into the real world. My friends pursuing degrees in science and engineering are having to surf through internship opportunities in order to find the ones that suit them. Not so for the art students.

Instead of applying for actual media internships, I’ve been having to gradually compromise more and more until the placements I’m looking at are near irrelevant. I started off filtering internships for ones in media. Nothing matching my search? Fine, how about publishing? Nothing… ok, what about marketing? Yes, there’s one! A marketing internship for an engineering company, applicants must be studying for a science/engineering degree. Right. Something in human resources, perhaps? Still nothing relevant. Getting desperate now- all filters off.

It’s 2015, the struggle is real.

Graduate jobs and placements want experience as well as the degree. Internship companies want you to have previous work experience in the field. I’m struggling a bit.

It seems my shiny new CV and ongoing degree will never see the light of day. Or at least, no employer will give them the light of day. Either, both.

If there are any arts students, graduates or undergraduates, who have succeeded in finding internships or work experience, I’d be grateful if you could direct me to the witch you sold you soul to.


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