I’m now in the third week of my second year of university and I love it. Well, I love the academic side. I’ll explain.

The content that I’m studying this year is so much more fascinating than last year’s, and the seminars are lively with participation. No more ‘I only have to get 40%’ attitudes from my peers, which means everyone does the reading, and everyone is up for discussion. The workload is more intense but I find myself content at the end of the day when all the hard work is done and I can tick another assignment off my list. So academically, this year doesn’t even compare to the last.

It’s, sadly, the social side that I’m having issue with. It’s not that I don’t have friends, it’s that the friends I made last year are changing, moving in a direction that I steadfastly refuse to follow.

I like drinking; not getting so shit-faced that I forget the night drunk, but drinking just enough so that I can dance without feeling awkward about my lanky frame and less than graceful moves. Last year, my flatmates and I would average at two nights out a week for drinking and dancing, and it was good. Then they started going to expensive house music events that lasted until six  in the morning. Not so bad, right? Wrong. See it’s not the drinking I take issue with, but the drugs. The drugs that are being taken more regularly, the drugs that are stealing my friends. I tried it once last year, I’m not particularly proud of this fact, but what’s happened has happened, and because I don’t like what it did to me and I don’t enjoy the idea of drinking until six in the morning, I am absent from these events. This means that where we had two great nights a week last year, nights where I could let off steam and reward myself for a week of hard work, I now have nothing. This saddens me greatly, and is certainly nothing that I could have ever predicted.

Fortunately, I am at university. Which means I don’t have to isolate my social group to those I live with. I’ve made great friends in my course and I’m trying to get more involved with clubs and societies. I will carve my own path and I am determined to thrive.


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