After a long summer of reading, relaxing, seeing friends and enjoying the sun, only two weeks are left until I go back to university. I’ll be moving into the seven-bedroom house that we were lucky enough to find before our last semester finished, and I am ridiculously excited to see it again.

I’ve been on a mission these last few weeks to buy all the things for the kitchen that I wish I’d have had the first year, and to find a collection of decorations that would mark my new room as clearly mine, with my own style and character. That was the plan anyway. The kitchen is sorted; I have all my new utensils that I doubt I’ll realistically use, but it’s the bedroom decor which I’m still struggling with. You see when I think of my friends I can picture the kind of room they’d have easily and they’re all so different, but when I try to imagine my own room- nothing. Blank. Maybe I don’t have a style that’s distinctly mine, which is a shame, so until I find one I’ll simply fill my room with beanbags and books.

It’s not just the things I’m taking with me that I’ve had to prepare this summer, however, but the bills of the house. That means sorting out utilities and calling companies and making excel charts and doing maths and-

It’s unsurprising that it’s only just been sorted. Two weeks before we move in.

It’s made us all feel very grown up, though, having to sort all this out. Living in Halls for first year gave me an independence that was a breath of fresh air; I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and most importantly decide my own schedule. The bills were all sorted by the university so all we had to worry about was budgeting for food shopping. This year, the seven of us will be living in our own space with more freedom, but also more responsibilities.

Nervous, excited, but mainly anxious to be back, I’m counting down the days until I move into our new home.


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