I was told when I was younger that if I got one piercing I would immediately want another. They weren’t wrong.

Back as early as when I was 13, I can remember me and my friend plotting to get our next piercing. It became our favourite topic; what would we get, where when? In the end I think we decided to get pretty much everything pierced by the time we were 18.

At 19, I can tell you that that’s not what happened.

Still, the topic has always held an interest to me. In the end I have ended up with two in my lobes, a helix and a tragus, and being now at university, the draw to get more has only become stronger. It seems, looking around campus, that piercings have been particularly popular with my generation, with most of the girls having at least one kind of cartilifdge piercing (and if they didn’t at the start of term, then that is not the case by the end of it).

It sounds silly, but when I meet a new person I automatically do a quick scan for piercings. If we have some that match then it feels like the both of us are members of the same ‘yes we really did willingly let someone stab us with a needle’ group. I make extra effort to befriend these people. Odd, but true.

I’ve never once regretted my little collection and find great joy in revisiting the memories of when I had them done. Not the actual piercing, obviously (whoever says they don’t hurt are liars, my god), but me at different stages of my life. My lobes were done during my first year of secondary school, the second set a year or so later. At sixthform, with a different group of friends and altered plans for my future, I got my helix done. That is a particularly fond memory. The woman who did it had bright blue hair and so many piercings that not even she knew how many she had. There was a painting behind me in the little room where they took us to do the deed, that at first glance looked like a nice pink flower. On second glance, definitely looks more like a vagina. My most recent piercing is my tragus, one that I got during my first semester of university. Brand new set of friends, brand new stage of my life.

My piercings are something that are always with me; they make me feel a little less naked even when I am nothing but naked, with no makeup on and my hair a complete mess. In short, they make me feel like me. I fiddle with them when I’m thinking, they’re fun to share experiences about, but most of all, they are mine.


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